29/06/2011: I have published an RC build for my latest game TechCrunch? - visit the Shooting Games page for more info and expect an update very soon! Your feedback to help make the final release as good as it can be would be appreciated: webmaster@crimsonnight.com. Hope you come out alive ;)

17/05/2011: Added an alternate ending to 'Always The Same Blue Sky...'  which you can find just below the original story. I have also carried out some minor bug fixes throughout the site.

12/05/2011: I am excited to announce that 'Always The Same Blue Sky...'  has finally been completed, and I am very happy with the end result. I hope you enjoy it, and look forward to seeing more done with it in the not-too-distant future!

03/05/2011: You may have noticed that I have been reguarly updating my story 'Always The Same Blue Sky...' and I'm pleased to say that the final few paragraphs will be uploaded very soon! I am also working on a related project with a talented artist... so stay tuned for updates on that front ;)

09/03/2011: Added a new Pangya wallpaper and work is going well on the next adventure game ;)

23/02/2011: I wasn't 100% happy with the main banner, but have significantly edited it, and now I am :)

22/02/2011: I have carried out a major update to Crimson Night over the past couple of days:
I have changed the main banner which features at the top of every page; I am making the sword theme more prominent.
I have changed the text on the home page.
I have created a brand new section 'Adventure Games' for LUCKY#13 as it can't logically be classed as a shooter, and I intend to make more non-fps spin-offs in the future.
I've also updated a lot of the page's main images and the Contact Me & Acknowledgments page has been updated to reflect this. I have also updated this page generally.
As far as games design goes, I have been working on increasing the visual quality of LUCKY#13 and it's going well, you can expect a new version to be released sometime soon ;)

21/02/2011: Didn't have time to update the news page before I left Saturday, but I did manage to update LUCKY#13 to version 1.0 - after testing it on a couple of other PCs I've updated the game to version 1.0.1, as I fixed a couple of very minor potential glitches. I'm pushed for time at the moment, but am toying around with releasing an HD version; check back for news!

18/02/2011: ...Sooner than even I thought lol, LUCKY#13 is up for download now! Check the Adventure Games page for more info.
Hoping to fix a couple of minor asthetic glitches within the next week and bump it up to version 1.0 :)

17/02/2011: 'LUCKY#13' coming very soon!...

19/01/11: Hello there loyal minions! I sincerely hope you're having a great new year so far :) I've been subtly updating the Wallpaper page the last few months, and have also been working on some new games. I have a problem in that I'm currently using an unstable version of the creation software I use, so hopefully when a stable build is made public I'll be able to properly test and subsequently release some new material (featuring the updates to he engine). I'll keep you updated - peace out :X

29/10/10: Happy Halloween!!! Hope you enjoy the special wallpapers - they stem from a deep-rooted mistrust I've always felt towards Princess Peach ;) I'm off to Japan for a couple of weeks so I'll update you when I'm back :)

21/10/10: Have added a couple more wallpapers to the Zelda section - as there are so many games in the series I have a lot of official artwork to work with :) Here is an original of one of them, exclusive to news-readers:
Spirited Away (Original Version)
I'm going to Japan for 2 weeks on the 31st which is awesome, but it means I haven't been able to take any time of work recently - my goal is to have the 3rd chapter of the Leo Fitzgerald series released by Christmas ;)

04/10/10: I've been updating the wallpaper section over the last couple of months; and have added new Zelda wallpapers today! Here are a few of the originals in case you preferred them:
Kooh Visits Crimson Night (Original Version)
Hatsune Miku Technicoloured (Rainbow Version)
Sakura's Chocolate Dream
I've also been working on the 3rd chapter of the Leo Fitzgerald series which is coming along nicely. I'll release a build of it as soon as I can so keep your eyes pealed!

22/07/10: The 10th Pangya character was revealed last night, and she's looking pretty awesome - love the official artwork so I decided to use it to make her a wallpaper; the more subtle prototype of which can be downloaded here. The final version is of course found in the Pangya section on the wallpaper page. I also decided to make a Hatsune Miku wallpaper as I came across that image of her and really liked the concept. The engine I use to make the 3D shooting games is getting re-vamped so I'm looking forward to playing around with that; will take a couple of days off work when the final build is released - peace out :)

06/07/10: Have once again updated the Chobits wallpaper series, this time with a few more sinister pieces - hope you like them!

06/07/10: Have updated and added to the Chobits wallpaper series over the last few days. Exclusively to news-readers, here's the link if you prefer the original, more subtle 'Let Me Follow You' wallpaper.

22/06/10: Completely restructured the naming system used for all wallpaper featured on the site as well as adding a new series inspired by the recent E3 expo; check it out on the wallpaper page ;)

15/06/10: Added an extra Kobato wallpaper, Konpeito Mirage ~ gotta be one of my favourites; also made Chiho & Chise's Mirage look more vintage. Been too busy with work to find time to work on any games, but I'll take a couple of days off soon so that I can get things back on track :)

11/06/10: It's the release of the 9th series of wallpaper, featuring another clamp favourite, Kobato!.. I just wanted a chance to do a wallpaper based around Chitose and Chise to be honest >.< I'm thinking of grouping the various Clamp wallpaper into one series; might happen next update.

10/06/10: Added some additions to the latest wallpaper series. Have also updated Kooh's involvement in the Pangya series wallpaper ;)

09/06/10: Introducing series 8 wallpaper - it's back to basics this time as this series is based around the site as opposed to an anime/game series. This series has a nature motif to it, hope you like it!

07/06/10: Small update to the 'Litchi Faye-Ling Visits Crimson Night' wallpaper.

04/06/10: I have the site wallpapers cycling randomly on my PC. When it got to 'Jin Kisarag Visits Crimson Night' I realised that I still wasn't happy with it, it didn't pack enough of a punch. It's now been reincarnated into its 3rd iteration which I am definitely happy with; you can find it in the Wallpaper section.

03/06/10: Series 7 wallpaper released - the epic Chobits series makes it's way onto Crimson Night!

28/05/10: Updated Always The Same Blue Sky... with additional content.

18/05/10: Added two extra Tenchi Muyo! wallpapers.

12/05/10: Added yet more wallpapers to the BlazBlue series.

10/05/10: Added some more wallpapers to the BlazBlue series.

09/05/10: Debut of wallpaper series 6; BlazBlue invades Crimson Night!

08/05/10: Added another Sakura's dream wallpaper to series 4.

07/05/10: Added a couple of new Tsubasa Chronicle wallpapers. I have also replaced 'Crimson Night Battle ~ Cecilia Vs Lucia!' with 'Crimson Night Battle ~ Cecilia Vs Kooh!' as I felt that Kooh wasn't featured enough in the series. As a bonus to news-readers, here is an exclusive link to the alternate version:
Crimson Night Battle ~ Cecilia Vs Lucia!

05/05/10: Series 5 wallpapers make their debut. The prince of Jurai and his numerous love-interests take a look round and of course can't help stopping for a picture or two ;) Also expanded Series 4 to include 'Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle' and added an extra wallpaper to commemorate.

02/05/10: Re-did a few wallpapers in Series 3 I wasn't happy with as well as adding a brand new one. They're no longer directly linked to anywhere on the site, but as a bonus to the news-readers, here are the originals:
Arin Visits Crimson Night (Original)
Lucia Revists Crimson Night
Lucia Loves Crimson Night

30/04/10: Released Series 4 wallpaper - Crimson Night welcomes the legendary Card Captor Sakura & friends! Also reduced the size of the thumbnails so that the column's less long and so the preview images keep their correct ratio.

28/04/10:  Added a couple extra wallpapers to Series 3 due to popular demand :)

26/04/10:  Released Series 3 wallpaper - this time based around the internationally popular MMO Pangya ~ enjoy!

23/04/10: In the last few days I have made several optimisations to the site and have just added a guestbook. I appreciate you taking the time to leave feedback :)

20/04/10: Released a 2nd series of wallpaper, this set has a star motif.

18/04/10: Released version 1.1 of Leo Fitzgerald - Chapter 2: The Forgotten Basement; it features a numerous ambience enhancements. Also added a pack of .dll files to the Shooting Games section as most of the laptops I've tested the games on asks for them.

15/04/10: Made a few changes to the Games section of the site.

13/04/10: Released version 1.1 of Leo Fitzgerald - Chapter 1: The Haunted Mansion! Made some significant gameplay changes, haven't had time to fully bug test it yet though, so there may be another minor update if I find anything; hope you like the re-vamp!

12/04/10: Uploaded the note found at the end of the last Leo Fitzgerald game (the soon to be released version 1.1) into the sequel’s description. Also added a scrollbar to the news section.

11/04/10: The next episode of the Leo Fitzgerald series is officially live! For more information please visit the Games section of the site. I also intend to release version 1.1 of Leo Fitzgerald - Chapter 1: The Haunted Mansion soon to correct a few glitches and properly tie in the story. Make sure you check back soon and let me know what you think of the new game!

10/04/10: Updated the artwork on the Zelda Games & Survival Games pages courtesy of indiochink; and also on the Shooting Games page courtesy of WarF-BA. Just ironing out some bugs on the next chapter of  the 'Leo Fitzgerald' series of games so expect a new release very soon!

19/03/10: Opened the brand new section Wallpaper which features full HD wallpapers! I have also updated the Contact Me & Acknowledgments page.

17/03/10: Uploaded a brand new game! I've just started taking a couple of unpaid days leave a month to work on personal projects; so I was looking through some of my old stuff yesterday when I remembered this game had almost been finished. I thought I'd just need to dump a couple more lights in and upload it, but when doing a test play-though I noticed so many things I now know (since having more experience with the software) I could fix/improve; so I got pretty into it in the end. I didn't want to completely redesign it from the ground up, but I wanted to get it to the point I orginally intended it to be at. You can find more information on it on the Shooting Games page. I also uploaded an alpha version of  the Sailor Moon fan game I promised on my previous site which I was working on a few years back. I didn't directly mention it in the news last time, so check it out on the Anime Games page :)

15/03/10: Welcome to the grand re-opening! The site is still in testing, I'm sure there are some bugs roaming around, but I really wanted to get this update up; I hope you enjoy the cleaner, more minimalist look. If you are experiencing browsing issues or just prefer the old site, it's still up, but has been relocated to the following address: http://crimsonnight.com/vintage.html.
I am currently working on projects which are significantly more advanced than my previous work which I hope to upload soon. Well let me know what you think of the new site and also what features should be added in future updates. Thank you all for your continued support!

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